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E Safety with Azoomee and Pobble
Feb 11
Feb 11

How our friends at Pobble promote e-safety

In this time of continuous technological advancement, it’s essential that schools and families are equipped with the best resources to keep their children safe and provide them with the knowledge to empower themselves.

It’s vital for schools to address online safety through a whole school approach. Providing safe educational platforms that build staff confidence and raise awareness for pupils and parents to promote safe behaviour online is the way forward. Platforms such as Pobble do just that, which is why Azoomee was proud to be able to partner with Pobble for Safer Internet Day to share our online safety resources with their community.

What is Pobble?

Teachers use Pobble to find the best teaching resources, to give pupils an audience for their work, and to make moderation of writing easier. For pupils, the platform offers a fantastic opportunity to engage with their peers. For parents, it provides a unique way to connect with their child’s learning journey. And all this is done in a safe, moderated online environment.

Promoting positivity with Pobble

Pobble allows teachers to share their pupils’ creative writing. This gives them an audience and a real purpose to write. The best part is that pupils of any age can independently and – importantly – safely interact with one another by commenting on the writing shared. Pobble guides pupils to give good quality feedback and encourages positive interaction, which is one of the best ways to motivate children to produce improved work. Promoting positivity amongst peers and providing indispensable skills.

Aiding E-safety and Internet use

As a teacher founded education company, Pobble ensures that their users of all ages stay safe. Teacher accounts are verified, comments on work are moderated, and it’s easy to flag something that you might like to hear a little less.

Teachers regularly say that using Pobble is a hugely valuable ‘dress rehearsal’ for the daunting world of the internet. Pupils actively contribute content, instead of just interacting with it and the children’s work is at the heart of the platform. This is what makes Pobble such an impactful platform in engaging children in reading and writing.

To find out about topics, children can quickly jump on to Pobble to search themes or specific text genres, in much the same way that we, as adults, would nip on to Google. By interacting with others on Pobble, pupils learn what is and isn’t appropriate and safe. All comments left on Pobble are checked by the Pobble team. All comments made by each of their pupils can be tracked by teachers and celebrated.

Finding the best e-safety resources

Azoomee and Pobble have recently partnered to bring educators the best Internet safety resources. Pobble allows you to search teaching resources from the best providers including the BBC, Teachit Primary and Hamilton Trust. Type ‘e-safety’, safer internet or whatever else you’re teaching about in the search bar to discover great teaching ideas and ready-made lessons.

Pobble: a global community of teachers, pupils, families and. Join for free today:

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