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Classroom resources

A lesson to help kids compare their experiences from Azoomee

Learning objective

To be able to identify what online bullying looks like.

Success Criteria:

  • I can talk about how the children being bullied would have felt
  • I can identify the features of bullying
  • I can identify the difference between online bullying and real-world bullying

The lesson

Starter: 10-15 mins

Introduce the lesson by telling the class what the episode is (She Sent Me a Poo! How mean is that?) and ask them to talk in pairs briefly about what they think the episode might be about. Watch the episode and take a few moments to discuss with the class what happened in the episode. “How did Jack and Maya feel when they were being bullied?” “Did Maya and Jack feel differently even though Jack’s bullying was in real life and Maya’s bullying happened online?” Have the children discuss these queries momentarily in pairs before sharing as a class.

  • Introduce children to the key features of bullying and write these up on the board:
  • On purpose (i.e. intent to hurt or upset, whether clear or unclear)
  • Happens more than once (i.e. repetition and sometimes a pattern of behaviour)
  • Causes harm (i.e. makes one feel alone/isolated, physical and/or emotional hurt)

Main: 10-15 mins

Explain that we do not have all the details we need to know what happened to Maya and Jack. Using the resources that come with this lesson plan, children can work in groups to cut and reorganise Jack or Maya’s story. This will help them to understand what happened to Maya and Jack but also to give the children a context to see if they can identify the features of bullying and the difference between real world bullying and online bullying. TA/LSA and CT to circulate or support groups which they identify as needing scaffolding with organising their story.

Plenary: 10-15 mins

Ask children to move to the next group’s table to look at their reorganised story. Children can then assess their peer’s work to make sure that it makes sense. You may wish children to take on roles/act out the story/read it aloud/ or take photos or videos. Ask the children if they think that what happened to Maya or Jack was bullying using the key features you write up on the board at the beginning of the lesson. Ask the children if there is any difference between what happened to Maya and what happened to Jack. Ensure that they recognise that the only difference was that Maya’s experience happened on a device but that the hurt caused was still the same.

Classroom resources

A lesson to help kids compare their experiences from Azoomee

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