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Lockdown Prompts Parents’ Fear of Mental Health Crisis Among Children



LONDON, UK, April 15th, 2020 / Research commissioned by leading British kids’ media company Azoomee has today revealed that parents across the country are becoming increasingly worried about the impact that the coronavirus pandemic is having on both their own and their children’s mental health.


With more than 2,000 adults in the UK polled before an Easter weekend which saw many families stuck indoors, 43% of parents admit to being seriously concerned that their children’s emotional wellbeing is being negatively impacted by the disruption the crisis is causing to both schedules and education. While 64% of adults cite their child’s happiness as their top priority during their period of lockdown, many parents are struggling to achieve this in the face of a continued period of home-schooling and self-isolation.


With just under 60% of adults confessing that their kids are not adapting well to the situation, this is becoming a real worry, especially given that 61% believe that this time out will have a negative impact on their children’s relationships with their friends and family. Only three weeks into the lockdown, 42% of parents are already seeing their children become anxious, withdrawn and lash out, with this rising to 56% in single parent with one child families.


Even with most of the country furloughed or working from home, with the exception of frontline workers, the pressures of home-schooling have also begun to affect parents, as they are forced to make the drastic transition into maths, English and science teachers all rolled into one. A massive 72% admit to feeling knackered, out of their depth and like they are failing and almost one fifth (17%) state that home-schooling is putting a huge strain on their relationship or marriage. More positively, 39% of parents now have much more respect for teachers, experiencing first-hand just how tough this is.


Although there are some very real concerns about mental health, it’s not all doom and gloom: 29% of parents state that this unprecedented situation is actually bringing them closer to their children with a further 32% commenting that they are loving this family time.


Dr Jon Goldin, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, said: “Tensions caused by the nationwide shift to home-schooling are only likely to get worse as the quarantine continues. It is important for parents and families to be flexible and to manage their expectations, which should focus on being kind to themselves and getting through this extremely challenging time. There is a risk that some mental health difficulties are currently going ‘under the radar’ and that these will become more evident over time. The good news is that the majority of parents have their child’s happiness as their top priority and it is key that this remains the focus.


“There is a reason that teachers train for years before they’re allowed to teach anyone – it is hard, and the majority of people are likely to find it difficult. Thankfully the education sector has begun to rapidly catch up with providing home-school parents with the tools they need to make the best of this time.”


Douglas Lloyd, CEO of Azoomee commented: “While there are positives to this situation, the reality is that kids and parents’ mental health is going to be impacted. It is absolutely crucial that families are supported as much as possible during this period. At Azoomee we’re proud to offer a product that makes learning fun through carefully handpicked programming which helps kids adapt to new situations like having a new baby, the first day at school as well as many problem-solving games.”




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