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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 17th, 2020


Collection of inspirational short films launches on Azoomee
Hope Works on Azoomee

LONDON, UK, February 17th, 2020 / Azoomee, the kids’ media company offering safe, positive screen time on all streaming platforms and mobile devices, has today announced its partnership with Sky UK & BBC Children’s to bring 12 short films encouraging kindness to its portfolio of shows.


Hope Works is an ambitious collaboration between children’s broadcasters and media companies from around the world, and Azoomee is delighted to be a part of the campaign to inspire kindness globally. This collection of short films is designed to support the values of tolerance, compassion and understanding through kid-friendly characters who face everyday challenges.


“We’re excited to share these heartfelt videos, which help young people feel hopeful about the world around them,” said Luca Fiore, Head of Content at Azoomee. “The stories connect to what it means to be human, and feature a range of characters that are relatable for kids, which aligns with Azoomee’s mission to foster kindness and empathy.”


“Our partners from around the world have created a set of films which offer reassurance to children at a time when good news seems in short supply,” said Alison Stewart, Hope Works Co-founder with Lucy Murphy (Director of Kids Content, UK & ROI at Sky). “Children are innately hopeful, and our project aims to inspire them to make a difference, no matter how small, to the world they will inherit.”


With themes like ‘The Power of Why’ and ‘Active Compassion Mode,’ these videos illustrate the message that ‘little things can make a big difference’. Like Sesame Workshop’s “Spread Kindness Around the World”, which features puppet characters showing small acts of kindness and igniting love all over the world. And Big Bad Boo’s “Balloon Girl”, which focuses on a young girl who gives up her cherished red balloon in order to soothe a crying baby. Or Corrinne Averiss’ “Move Mountain”, which is a touching story about a mountain whose greatest wish is to see the sunrise… but he’s facing the wrong way! His friends decide to put on a show for him to illustrate the glory of a sunrise. Across a variety of narratives, the entire slate of videos rolemodel how to be kind.
All 12 Hope Works videos are available alongside thousands of TV episodes, videos and tutorials on Azoomee, along with more than 300 games and interactive activities.




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Hope Works is an initiative that will guide children through the complex media landscape and give kids the tools to become engaged, confident, inspired and hopeful young people. Our mission is to use the power of entertainment to reawaken a generation’s hope. There is nothing stronger than the hope of a child, and we want to harness the power of their compassion. 12 global media companies have invested their time and creativity on our suite of 12 short films aimed at children aged 4-12 and produced a set of resources made to deepen engagement and also involve parents, carers and teachers. Our hope is to reach as wide an audience of kids as possible, as quickly as possible.


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