Being brave doesn’t always feel the way we might think it should. Bravery can sometimes sit like a ball of nerves in your stomach, and it can seem like the hardest thing ever. But being brave is about stepping out of your comfort zones and facing your fears, even when you’re really scared. We’ve rounded up 3 episodes and 1 game that will help your kiddos understand what it means to be brave. We hope to inspire your kids to find their own courage by taking risks and putting themselves out there.

Robin Hood “Tuck the Valiant” (Series 2, episode 15)

Best for kids aged 5+

Episode Length: 12 minutes 

The Episode: Tuck shows his courage when he stands up to the expulsion of lousy Rick from the county. But when the boy’s parents only thank Robin for it, Tuck feels quite jealous. Eager to seek approval for his own heroism, Tuck sets out to prove he’s just as brave as Robin. Hoping to help his friend, Robin devises a plan to help Tuck feel validated for his courage. 

Learning Outcome: Kids learn the value of feeling good about something you’ve done, regardless of outside approval.


Siyaya: Wildest Cape “Robberg – Learning About Survival” (episode 10)

Best for kids aged 6+

Episode Length: 24 minutes 

The Episode: Four brave young girls enter the mysterious Robberg Peninsula to learn about survival – not only that of plants and animals, but also how our common ancestors adapted to live on this desolate island. 

Learning Outcome: Kids learn how our ancestors survived in harsh surroundings.


Treehouse Stories “The Penguin Who Was Cold” (Series 2, episode 4)

Best for kids aged 4+

Episode Length:  8 minutes 

The Episode: Antoine is stressing about being the new kid in school. He’s afraid of being different and not being able to make any friends, and that he’ll wind up all alone. Esteban advises him to work out, to build muscles that are worthy of respect. Lisette, on the other hand, has a whole different approach to boosting Antoine’s bravery. She decides to read him a story all about a cold penguin who learns that being different is what makes us special. 

Learning Outcome: Kids learn to be brave in accepting themselves just as they are.


Brave Explorers – Adventure Game

Best for kids aged 6+

Activity Time: 10 minutes 

The Game: Kids must face an onslaught of spear traps, bugs, and pits as they charge on to find and save a group of missing explorers. Every level has a labyrinth that kids need to navigate through in order to succeed in the mission! 

Learning Outcome: Kids learn to be brave in facing scary twists and turns!


Bravery doesn’t mean fearlessness. Kids need to learn how to accept feeling scared, and understand that everyone feels that way sometimes. We hope to boost your kiddos’ courage and help them feel capable and strong. Don’t let fear hold you back!