Learning how to make and keep lasting friendships is one of the most critical skills that people continue to use and refine throughout their entire lives. Understanding how to form successful relationships that are mutually supportive will help kids to create bonds that bring much happiness and joy. We’ve put together a list of three videos and one game that will foster these social skills in your kids, so that they can enjoy strong and healthy friendships.

Lassie “The Reunion” (episode 16)

Best for kids aged 5+

Episode Length: 22 minutes

The Episode: Zoe is thrilled to get to see her old friend Judith again, who she hasn’t seen in several years. But their reunion takes an unexpected turn when Zoe discovers that Judith is now in a wheelchair (as a result of a car accident). At first a little unsure of how to react, Zoe soon learns that her friend is still the same awesome person, and that this new change just means they have an opportunity to have adventures in new ways. The girls have a wonderful time reconnecting and strengthening their friendship by exploring the Park together again.

Learning Outcome: Kids learn that friendship can weather even the most difficult challenges.


ALVINNN!!! & the Chipmunks “Wish Upon a Star” (episode 42)

Best for kids aged 6+

Episode Length: 11 minutes

The Episode: After Theodore makes a wish, The Chipmunks try to guess what it was, so they can make it come true. After lots of trial and error, their efforts finally succeed and Theodore gets exactly what he wished for, with the help of his friends. 

Learning Outcome: Kids learn about helping others and how nice it feels to make someone else happy.


Lottie’s Outfit Design Game

Best for kids aged 4+

Activity Time: 10 minutes 

The Game: Kids get to showcase their style and unique creativity by dressing up their very own Lottie & Friends doll! 

Learning Outcome: Kids learn about supporting your friends’ style. 


Move Mountain (The Hope Works Project)

Best for kids aged 4+

Episode Length: 3 minutes 

The Episode: A touching story about a mountain whose greatest wish is to see the sunrise… but he’s facing the wrong way! His friends decide to put on a show for him to illustrate the glory of a sunrise. 

Learning Outcome: Kids learn about compassion and kindness in friendships.


One of the most valuable lessons to learn is that the only way to have a friend is to be one. As your kiddos see these positive rolemodels and learn how to navigate friendships in healthy ways, we hope they’ll strengthen bonds with everyone they care about.