As kids grow, they’ll find more opportunities to learn about the world around them, and as they do, they’ll face various stumbling blocks along the way. Gaining problem solving skills early in life will help them face challenges, build patience, and make good decisions. Kids will also develop increased flexibility and creativity, which gives them the freedom to explore ideas and find inventive solutions. Here are several hand-picked games and shows that cultivate problem solving skills kids can put to practical use in their daily lives.

What’s Your Problem?

Best for Kids aged 6+

Episode Length: 6 minutes

The Show: Funny and creative host Joseph and his team attempt to solve really annoying problems, like how to achieve hands-free snacking or how to tidy your room in ten seconds. Kids will love the wacky inventions and might be inspired to create their own!  

Learning Outcome: Kids learn about chain reactions and how to use creative solutions to solve problems.



Best for Kids aged 4+

Episode Length: 11 minutes 

The Show: This series is full of mystery, adventure and comedy. Addison and her friends use imagination, reasoning and boundless enthusiasm to solve mysteries, often with the help of Addison’s unique inventions. Addison knows that if she makes a mistake, she just needs to take a break, think it through and try again! 

Learning Outcome: Kids learn about the power of perseverance, a positive attitude, how to build resilience and think critically.


Lexi & Lottie

Best for Kids aged 5+

Episode Length: 24 minutes 

The Show: Trusty twin detectives Lexi and Lottie solve crimes with the help of their pet mouse Mozart and best friend Fred. Their parents run a zoo, so there are lots of cool creatures featured too. This dynamic detective duo leave no stone unturned when it comes to solving crimes… such as missing persons, animal theft, art fraud, diamond heists, animal poaching, sabotage and much more.

Learning Outcome: Kids learn about trust, friendship, reasoning, and how to follow clues to solve problems.


Doctor Acorn Game

Best for Kids of all ages 6+

Activity Length: 10+ minutes 

The Game: Kids must safely navigate Doctor Acorn through an onslaught of giant snowballs to complete each of the 25 levels. Kids will love throwing snowballs at things and interacting with them along the way. 

Learning Outcome: Kids learn strategy techniques in how to manoeuvre through tough terrain.


Protect the Kingdom Game

Best for Kids aged 7+

Activity Length: 15 minutes 

The Game: Kids need to build defensive towers on the field to defend their kingdom and save everyone from the enemy. Using thoughtful strategy, kids must work out where best to place defenses to keep everyone safe!  

Learning Outcome: Kids learn how to evaluate a situation, create strategies and implement plans.


Sam Sam Click Clack Ball Game

Best for Kids 4+

Activity Length: 10+ minutes 

The Game: Kids need to use skill and logic to help create paths so Sam Sam’s ball can reach his friend.  

Learning Outcome: Kids learn about analysing a scenario and how to test various strategies.


Temple of Oom game

Best for Kids aged 6+

Activity Length: 10+ minutes 

The Game: Kids must move and slide pillars so that an Oomee can get a fruit treat to its pet. As the levels increase, the obstacles get tougher – bricks start to crumble, lava bursts forth to destroy the fruit, and more. Kids have to use trial and error to discover what strategies work best. 

Learning Outcome: Kids learn about cause and effect, and the benefit of trying different approaches to find success.


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