From exploring questions like why stars twinkle to why saturn has rings, we’ve got some awe-inspiring shows and games to get your kids stoked about science. Dive into awesome activities like building a bridge of straws, launching a plastic bottle rocket, or creating a contraption that feeds you toast! Through character role modelling and hands-on experiments, your kids will discover the magic of science!

Earth to Luna

Best for Kids aged 4+ 

Episode Length: 12 minutes

The Show: Six year-old Luna’s curiosity leads her to ask questions about the natural world. An imaginative kid with a love of science and nature, Luna explores the answers to how stuff works with her little brother and pet ferret. 

Learning Outcome: Kids are encouraged to think critically about how things work in the natural world, and the science-based curriculum introduces concepts like astronomy, motion, and light refraction in kid-friendly ways.


Science Xplosion

Best for kids aged 5+

Episode Length: 3.5 minutes

The Show: In this exciting STEM series, host Eric Leclerc explores the world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. From building a bridge of straws to launching a plastic bottle rocket, this show explains science concepts by modelling fun activities.

Learning Outcome: Kids will be amazed by the magic of science!


Science Max

Best for Kids aged 6+

Episode Length: 22 minutes 

The Show: Each episode starts with host Phil demonstrating a small scale experiment and showing the audience how they can do it at home. He then takes it out on location to repeat it on a grand scale.

Learning Outcome: Kids learn about chemistry and physics as they observe how to do experiments.


Little Miss Inventor Astronomy Game

Best for kids aged 5+ 

Activity Time: 10-15 minutes

The Game: Join Little Miss Inventor as she travels to space and learns all about astronomy! Kids will love embarking on three separate missions as they learn fun facts, like the distance between the Earth and the Sun (150 million kilometres, in case you’re wondering). 

Learning Outcome: Learn about planets and our solar system.


Little Miss Inventor Biology Game

Best for kids aged: 5+

Activity Time: 10-15 minutes 

The Game: Join Little Miss Inventor as she helps patients who visit her clinic. How many sick patients can you help?

Learning Outcome: Kids learn different things about the human body in the context of a doctor’s office environment.


Jiwi’s Machines

Best for kids aged 5+

Episode Length: 6-8 minutes 

The Show: The expressive host Jiwi builds complicated contraptions to make his life easier, like a machine to feed him toast or help him lift a heavy plant. Loads of physical comedy and mechanical mayhem make this a hit with kids! 

Learning Outcome: Kids discover the science behind Rube Goldberg machines (contraptions, inventions, or devices that are deliberately over-engineered to perform simple tasks in a complicated fashion).


Science Activities

Best for kids aged 5+

Activity Time: 5-15 minutes 

The Activities: Make a mini marshmallow catapult, experiment with friction, and learn about Rube Goldberg machines! Each activity has a printable worksheet and easy-to-follow instructions. 

Learning Outcome: Kids learn about Rube Goldberg machines, how friction slows objects down, and how fulcrums and levers operate.

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We hope your mini scientists had a blast exploring the natural world and learning the science behind how stuff works! With so much in the world to wonder about, we hope your little ones are inspired to ask questions and use science to discover the answers. Have fun experimenting!