To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’re featuring the fantastic ladies on the Azoomee team. We’re international, we’re women, and it just so happens that we have some pretty cool hidden talents. Introducing Azoomee’s fierce and fabulous female forces! 

Estelle Lloyd
Co-Founder and COO
From: Fontvieille in Provence, France 
Hidden Talent: Giant slalom racing, which is downhill skiing. As a teenager, Estelle was one of the fastest Giant Slalom skiers in France! 
Crystal Nunn
Senior Visual Designer
From: Suffolk, England
Hidden Talent: Anything with wheels! Crystal rides motorcycles, does roller derby, and goes on trips that include over 70 miles of cycling a day.
Susan Horsup
Office Manager
From: Thurrock in Essex, England
Hidden talent: Puppetry! Susan can skillfully operate a host of puppets, ranging from cuddly bunnies to monsters.
Phoebe Field
Project Manager
From: Deep Sarf Landaaaaannn
(South London, England)
Hidden Talent: DIY! Phoebe once successfully replastered a damaged wall and fitted a new skirting board with ‘mitre joints’. She’s also skilled at customising office chairs, from ‘boring zone’ to ‘throne’.
Nika Kuznetsova
Project Manager for TV
From: Moscow, Russia
Hidden Talent: Bilingual in Russian and English. Nika has even taught English on the Galapagos Islands! She can also rock out on the flute and used to be in an orchestra.
Cerys Hughes
Junior Content Manager
From: Abergavenny, South Wales
Hidden Talent: Fluent in Welsh. She can even pronounce this: Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch. Cerys can also twist her elbow round really far, and she has a ‘nose like a bloodhound’.
Elena Wurlitzer
Senior Creative
From: San Francisco, California, USA
Hidden Talent: Tap dancing! Her favourite move is the “double wing”, and she participated in tap dance competitions across the United States. Unrelatedly, Elena also has double-jointed thumbs. 
Zahra Sharifasgari
Software Engineer
From: Tehran, Iran
Hidden Talent: Trilingual in Persian, Arabic, and English. She’s also fluent in Body Language, which is perhaps the most descriptive form of communication! Plus, she can cook a mean fried egg.



We’re honoured to have these amazing women on our team, and we’d like to celebrate all the other talented ladies out there too. Happy International Women’s Day!