Getting your kids excited about maths might not be the easiest thing to do. That’s why we’re particularly happy to share some new games that’ll actually get your kids stoked about numbers without any pleading from your side. Odd Squad games incorporate equations in clever ways that’ll have your kids eager to play more. As busy parents, it’s great to give your little ones activities they love that also boost their maths mojo. So go ahead and take a break from trying to remember long division (without pulling your hair out), and check out these games instead: 

Odd Squad - Pienado Image

Pienado – What do you do when there’s a tornado made of pies? This game asks players to plug the pienado forcefield with appropriate shapes. Avoid getting smashed by an onslaught of messy blueberry pies by filling in the geometric gap with the correct shapes. A fun ‘beat-the-clock’ game mixing flying desserts, extreme weather, addition and shape combinations. 

Odd Squad - Puppy Quest Image

Puppy Quest – All the agents have been turned into adorable puppies! This game gets bonus points for major cuteness, as the player is tasked with the mission of turning back the pups into people. Using adorable puppy toys to encourage the furry friends back to headquarters, this game teaches addition and grouping in a super cute way. 

Odd Squad - Creature Duty Image

Creature Duty – Kids have to take care of a variety of creatures, making sure to recognise what shape of food they prefer, and being tasked with dividing meals evenly. It’s a fun way to teach kids about shapes, pattern recognition, and division. 

Odd Squad - Down The Tubes Image

Down the Tubes – Kids will learn how to use rulers, measure out accurate spaces, and add different measurements to make up a whole. The characters in the game shoot through tubes that the players have built by calculating what measurement of tubing to include, which is a cool way to teach fractions and addition! 

Odd Squad - Sector 21 Image

Sector 21 – It’s a mission in Sector 21, the biggest, oddest, most unexplored area in the world! Players are asked to head there to find where a bunch of creatures are hiding. Using a “Creature Find-o-nator”, kids will navigate through a colourful forest to locate the hiding creature. It’s a great way to learn map reading and build a sense of direction. It’s also extra fun when the creatures do silly things like cry tears of delicious strawberry low-fat yogurt! 

We hope your kiddos have fun dodging flying pies and shooting through tubes, all whilst learning some new maths skills. Let us know what you think!