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Sometimes when it comes to kindness, we get caught up in the notion that we’ve gotta go big or go home. As adults, we can mistakenly view only grand gestures as the ones with worth. And in a world devoted to social media, it can be easy to assume that acts of kindness are only measured by their size – if it’s not big enough to post, is it big enough to matter? Thankfully, kids know better! 

We asked several primary school classrooms to tell us what they’ve done to be kind. Their answers are powerful in their simplicity, and show us that sometimes it’s the little things that occupy the biggest part of our hearts. We hope their quotes bring a smile to your day.

Tell me something you’ve done that was kind

“I gave hugs to mummy and daddy.” – Joel, age 4

“When my friends are sad, I make them feel better by telling a joke.” – Rory, age 6

“I always help my mum do the washing up because she has so many things to do!” – Henry, age 5

“If my mum gets upset when we watch a sad movie, I give her a hug to make her feel better.” – James, age 5

“I looked after my baby sister Saskia for my parents.” – Xavier, age 11

“I helped my little brother build a train track since it was a bit difficult for him to do by himself.” – Ava, age 6

“Yesterday my brother was crying, so I gave him my Kinder Egg and that calmed him down.” – Frida, age 10

“I helped my sister practice her dance performance.” – Edie, age 11

“When I was playing, I had something someone else wanted, and I gave it to them.” – Edward, age 4

Whether it’s giving a hug or telling a joke, children beautifully remind us that small acts of kindness have incredible impact. We’re feeling pretty inspired! And we think this could be a great conversation starter with your family. Consider asking your kids what they did this week to be kind. You might be delighted with the results! 

We’d love to hear quotes from your own kids. Big or small or silly, all kinds of kindness should be shared!