It’s Safer Internet Day, and we’re celebrating by offering everyone our BAFTA-nominated original series “Search it Up” for free! Follow siblings Jack and Maya and their grandmother as they navigate life online and explore challenges that crop up in their everyday experiences. These 2-minute episodes are an engaging, fun way to teach kids about internet safety. Plus, they make awesome conversation-starters if you’re wondering how to get your kids talking and thinking about online safety. As parents, we know it’s key to make sure communication stays open, and this is a great way to start. 

“Search it Up” explores topics like digital permanence (just how long
does that embarrassing pic stay online once it’s out there?), online bullying (how to identify and deal with it), screen time amounts (how to strike a healthy balance between screen use and the real world), and a lot more. Through relatable situations that kids can connect with, “Search it Up” gives practical tips on how to handle challenges that may crop up for kids online.

We hope you enjoy getting to know the loveable “Search it Up” characters as they go about their daily lives at school and at home, and that this series help your kiddos learn the best techniques for a safer internet experience. 

Here’s our COO Estelle with Azoomee’s Safer Internet Day Certificate – it’s cool to be kind online! 


And you can watch all 18 episodes of “Search it Up” on the Azoomee app!