Safer Internet Day is only a week away! Our lovely team of teachers have designed 5 complete lesson plans that are perfect for the classroom, and can also be used at home with your kiddos. 

Each lesson plan includes fun printable activities and video resources from our BAFTA-nominated original series “Search it Up” which follows siblings Jack and Maya and their grandmother as they navigate life online. These 2-minute episodes are a relatable, fun way to teach kids about internet safety.  

Check out the lesson plans below: 

  1. How to be Kind Online – A lesson about identifying kindness online.
  2. Things Spread Quickly Online – A lesson about how things are shared online.
  3. What is Online Bullying? – A lesson to help kids compare their online experiences.
  4. Exploring Digital Permanence – A lesson about how hard it is to remove something from the Internet once you put it out there. 
  5. Are You Spending Too Much Time Online? – A lesson about the benefits of a healthy balance with technology.

We hope you enjoy these resources and that they help to create a safer online world for everyone. Let us know how you get on using them as a conversation starter at home, or as a classroom activity in school!