We wrote about some super fun stuff in 2019, and we want to make sure you didn’t miss out! Here are our must-read picks that will help you become a better parent, get you to think outside the box, and celebrate girls all over the world.

How to Raise a Kind Kid
Turns out we had been doing it all wrong! Check out our easy-to-follow tips on how to bring more kindness into both your own and your little one’s lives.

What if Santa Was a Woman?
Sure, the old guy’s got a beard and a belly. But would Christmas be different if St. Nick was actually St. Nicola? We asked a bunch of kids to give us their thoughts, and their answers were really surprising!

Empower Your Daughter
We celebrated International Day of the Girl with a blog post all about how to raise confident, self-assured girls. Find out how to give your daughter the support she needs to become all that she can be.

Happy reading! Let us know what you think!