For those who remember Ross and Rachel busting a move to Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” to entertain their newborn daughter, or for anyone who loved hip-hop 90’s legends like Naughty by Nature, the Notorious B.I.G., or Run DMC, we’ve got some awesome news for you. 

The above hip-hop artists may be far from kid-appropriate, but thankfully there’s a totally safe alternative that lets you introduce your little booty shakers to the badass beats of hip-hop and R&B while still getting a “Parent of the Year” award. 

At Azoomee, we’re all about offering safe but super fun options for your kiddos. Stuff that’s a blast to watch, but actually has excellent, worthwhile value. That’s why we handpicked the ultimate hip-hop music show Urban Tails. This 26-episode series from Monster Entertainment offers a fresh approach to learning about wildlife via funky hip-hop music. Kids get a unique insight into facts about animals and nature while jamming to the beats. These short, catchy episodes fit perfectly with Azoomee’s ethos of making learning fun. 

Each 2-minute music video mixes classic hip-hop with characterised animals decked out in 90’s street fashion. Stars like “Mista C-Lion”, “Sharky B” and “Flava Frog” spit rhymes that teach kids facts about their behaviour and habitat, so we’re not only laying down sick beats, we’re laying down mad knowledge too. Plus, the animation’s killer. What’s not to love about a rapping mallard duck sporting a giant gold medallion, or a grey seal flaunting a multi-coloured shell suit? 

Urban Tails Foxes

Urban Tails was created by award-winning Pink Kong Studios in Dublin, Ireland. The musical show is the company’s first original preschool series, and was developed from a pilot project made for the RTÉ short scheme in 2016. 

“We’ve never had so much fun doing a series!” said Aoífe Doyle, Director & Writer at Pink Kong Studios. “It’s been a dream project, mixing our love for 90’s music and animation in one fun colourful package. Everyone involved poured a lot of love into the project, and we can’t wait for the little ones and their parents to tune in and enjoy this awesome show.” 

We think Urban Tails is tight, and we hope you will too. You and your shorty can check out the old school freestyle, oversized accessories and graffiti on Azoomee now. Because learning stuff should be as fun as busting a move. Word.