From pebbles to poop, we’ve got three fun projects to see you through winter break:

  1. Create a pebble pig family (no feeding required)
  2. Make your own delicious and disgusting edible poop (nappy optional)
  3. Build a tabletop game (like hockey, but with straws instead of sticks)

Winter break. Two little words that bring joy to school kids across the land, and leave many grown-ups wondering how to survive. When you want at-home projects that are fun for both you and the kids, we’ve got you covered. We narrowed it down to three awesome crafts from the Azoomee app, and we promise none of them involve glitter (because the only way to get rid of that stuff is to actually move house).

Here are our top picks to stir up some fun without going stir crazy:

1. Something simple & sweet…

Create a pebble pig family

This craft is easy, fun, and the best bit is that some of the materials are probably available in your back garden! It’s all about getting out there and collecting stones – big ones for the mama and papa pigs, and tiny ones for the piglets. Kids really love hunting for just the right sizes, which means the search is as enjoyable as the activity itself.

The easy-to-get materials make this a favourite for busy parents, since all you need is a few stones, a plate, some paint and an egg carton. Why not try using the finished piggies in made-up story performances for the kids, as a replacement for ornamental reindeer, or as a table centrepiece for your festive meal (they’ll look great next to the pigs in a blanket!).

About the show

Hands Up is a series of short and uncomplicated crafts that highlight how creative you can be with household items. Excellent for when you only have a few minutes to get craft inspiration, you’ll love the straightforward instructions and inventive results. You and your kids can make panda pots out of plastic bottles, theatre puppets with balloons, dream keepers from paper plates, or even bionic hands from cardboard and straws. A lovely way to make use of extra bits and pieces you have lying around!

2. Something super gross…

Make your own delicious and disgusting edible poop

Yep, that’s right. Hear us out… When you become a parent, you spend a fair amount of time dealing with poo, right? You’ll sniff butts, wipe butts, and even when they’re old enough to deal with that themselves, there’s the “did you wipe well enough?” issue. Although this is just a hazard of the job for parents, poop is actually a go-to source of comedy for kids. What kid doesn’t love a poo joke? This craft will be a hit with your kiddos, and they’ll be extra impressed if you take a bite along with them!

You’ll need chocolate bars, biscuits, golden syrup and a strong constitution, and soon you’ll be shaping your very own edible poop!

About the show

Created by the Royal Institution, ExpeRimental brings fascinating science experiments into your own home using easy-to-get materials. You and your kids can make fizzy bottle rockets, colour-changing cabbage juice, homemade parachutes, balloon car racers, rubber band cannons and even lava lamps.

ExpeRimental aims to give viewers the confidence and ideas to explore, question and test some of the fundamentals of science with children. Never considered doing science at home with the kids? Don’t worry – this show is all about simple instructions and using stuff you’ll likely have at home.

Dr. Gail Cardew, Director of Science and Education at the Ri, said the goal of the series is to “spark the natural curiosity of children at an early age through play and to set them on a lifelong course of scientific exploration and investigation.”

With ExpeRimental, you can get your kids interested in chemistry and physics through cool crafts. You might even learn something too!

3. Something extra crafty…

Build a tabletop game

You might already have the supplies if you’re a crafting superstar, but most of us will need a trip to the store for this one. The results are worth it, though! A creative project to do with your kids, and you’ll end up with a fun game that can be played all winter long. It’s called ‘Super Slap Shot’, and it’s like table hockey, but better! Straws instead of sticks, and pom-poms instead of pucks. We think a craft that keeps on giving is just perfect for the holiday season.

*Jump on Azoomee to watch the whole episode!

About the show

Super Mighty Makers blends caring with crafting. Real kids share personal problems and the team creates a craft to help them. Like when Malik writes in to say he’d like something to keep his grandpa active, that exercises his lungs – the Super Slap Shot is the answer! Each Maker Mission focuses on designing a craft that’s fun, useful, and helps to solve a problem.

Even if you can’t source the materials, you’ll still have a great time just watching the episodes with your mini makers.


As a special holiday treat, we’ve made all of the above episodes available for FREE on Azoomee. We hope you have a great winter break, full of lots of home-made fun.

Catch you on the DIY side!