If dragging your kids away from devices results in tantrums even bigger than the great outdoors, we can relate. Parenting in our tech-driven culture can be an uphill battle (without the actual hills). At Azoomee, we care about instilling nature appreciation in kids, and this is how we do it.


82% of 5-7 year-olds go online for around 9 ½ hours per week. Combine that with school, home-work and stuff like ballet, karate, and those pesky negotiations over tooth brushing, and it can become tricky to find time to stop and smell the (real) roses.

That’s why we’ve carefully selected several shows that inspire kids to explore both the online and offline world.

We’re proud to have chosen Siyaya because it’s so unique in its format. Kids get to see parts of the world they might not otherwise as they follow the adventures of a group of teens who’ve never travelled beyond their own city limits. Siyaya takes us to fascinating places in and around South Africa’s national parks, and lets real kids investigate and organically react without a script.

A friendly guide named Oompee, who’s part nutty professor, part fearless ranger, leads the kids and shares his incredible nature knowledge along the way. The journeys are raw, honest, and exciting as the kids explore caves and wild rivers, abseil down mountain cliffs, and meet untamed creatures.


We love that Siyaya doesn’t shy away from dangers and fears. It embraces nature at its wildest, and there’s no escaping the sense of wonder that comes with that.

But you don’t have to go big to grab kids’ attention. We selected Bushwhacked Bugs because it heads into back gardens and playgrounds, where even the tiniest things can be totally epic! In this series, real kids search for bugs and discover the incredible creatures that live right under their noses. It’s inspiring to realise that you don’t need to travel far to explore cool stuff. Sometimes the most interesting discoveries are made right outside our own homes.


But it’s not just breath-taking scenery or live-action creepy crawlies that could amp up your kid’s interest in nature. We fell in love with the animated series Wild Kratts because it combines science education with mystery and comedy, while visiting animal habitats around the globe. It’s goofy and cartoony at times (which we adore!), but it’s always scientifically accurate.



Just remember that you don’t have to make huge changes to make a meaningful difference in how your kids feel about nature. Baby steps are a great way to go.

Snag a ten-minute family walk after dinner, and be cool that your kiddo came along to “do it for the gram”.

It’s not about having to choose either online or outdoors. It’s about helping our kids move easily through all walks of their modern lives, from screen to green and everything in between.

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