It’s that time of year. Your kid’s begging for a £30 costume that’s so cheaply made, you know it’ll only last for the one night it was designed for. You’re too exhausted to put up decorations, so you buy a bag of those little plastic spiders and toss them over the dining table – job done! And most importantly, you’re hoping that the yoga class you manage to get to once a month has given you enough namaste willpower to make it through hours of trick-or-treating. 

As terrifying as all of the above sounds, Halloween is just one day in the calendar. You’ll get through it. But there’s still something lurking in the shadows of your mind that’s far more frightening than ghosts and goblins. Even scarier than the almighty meltdown your kid had after devouring 17 different sweets in half an hour. 

Parenthood. Now that’s what’ll keep you up at night.

There are no guide books, no one set of rules. It can feel like unchartered territory, where anything and everything can happen, at any time. And it’s not just about tackling the unpredictability of raising young kids. Of course that wears you out. But you’re also trying to navigate a tech-driven world where your little ones can hop online and stumble upon things that absolutely aren’t meant for innocent eyes. 

Parenting today inescapably involves overseeing kids’ behaviour both offline and online. Pretty much every kid these days has access to a device, but even with controls and settings, it’s impossible to monitor your little web-wanderer’s every move. Negative influences are ample and pervasive, which means in the flash of a second, your kiddo can see things they can’t unsee. 

The even bigger trouble too, is that once kids are free to roam online, it’s not just the stuff they see that’s the issue. It’s who or what they interact with. Kids may encounter cyber bullying, cyber predators, phishing, accidental downloads of malware, or even falling for scams. 

Basically, letting your kids loose online can be the stuff of nightmares for parents.
This is the very foundation of why Azoomee was created. To offer a safe space where kids can be kids. We aim to give you all the amazing content your little ones love, in one big, wide digital world that they’re welcome to explore.  We carefully hand select every single thing. From action-packed games to inspiring videos and DIY projects, kids get the online freedom they crave, while you get the security and assurance you need. 

Azoomee knows it takes a village to raise exceptional humans. That’s why we’re in this together. Strapped in beside you on this crazy, beautiful, scary-as-ever, wondrous, roller coaster. We’d like to be a meaningful portion of your parenting process. And we hope to be a feel-good part of your day, in a way that makes your kids happy, and puts your worries at ease. 

Parenthood really is the scariest hood you’ll ever go through. But with Azoomee, you’re not alone.

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