We want to give a shout out to all the ladies out there today. All the mamas, all the daughters, all the fierce women we know, in all walks of life. And for all the grown-up females in the world — we’d like to shake your hands. Because you’ve been around on this planet long enough to finally witness some much-needed changes in how young girls are expected to behave, dress, and play. You’ve seen the rise of more women in powerful positions, more female voices that are heard, and more girls truly believing in themselves. The definition of “feminine” is evolving, and we’re pretty damn stoked.

We want to raise kids who know anyone can do anything, regardless of how they pee (sitting, standing up, popping a squat – we’re all humans, right?) At Azoomee we believe in gender freedom, which means anyone can enjoy a whole range of experiences, unlimited by their gender. We want a world where girls can be badass ninja ballerinas, if they want. Tutus and nunchucks could be a sweet combo, after all. 

But let’s face it, kids shows haven’t exactly been historically great at promoting self-reliant, relatable and aspirational girls. We’ve seen romantic, frail lovelies who are more concerned with their looks than books. We’ve grown up with knights in shining armour and princesses in pretty frocks. So we’re pumped that we’re entering a future where girls can love glitter and unicorns as much as they dig sword fights and trucks. 

We know kids aged 4-7 are developing their sense of gender identity, and it matters what characters exist as their role models. Media plays a huge role in reinforcing stereotypes or reinforcing inspiring possibilities. There’s an important responsibility in how both girls and boys are portrayed because kids will look up to these characters. At Azoomee, we handpick shows that offer positive role modelling for all. 

Since it’s International Day of the Girl, we wanna big up some of our coolest little leading ladies. 

Take Dot, a tech-savvy girl with a strong curiosity and thirst for knowledge. 

Or Addison, a young inventor who loves to solve mysteries! 

And Mily, whose philosophical pondering investigates topics like “What is trust?” or “What is friendship?”

Then there’s Luna, who’s totally obsessed with science and nature, and uses her imagination and observation skills to answer her questions.

We carefully select TV shows that celebrate girls who are free to choose what they like, who aren’t restricted by gender norms, and whose actions are led by good hearts, not societal expectations. Let’s empower our daughters to be who they want to be, to feel confident and capable. 

We hope you enjoy this International Day of the Girl. Here’s to a future where anyone can do anything!

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