British Science Week is here and we are thrilled to announce the arrival of our brand-new series Jiwi’s Machines on Azoomee.

Jiwi’s Machines celebrates the wacky, wonderful world of science and engineering!

Watch as Jiwi creates all kinds of crazy contraptions to carry out simple everyday tasks. Not only will kids have fun watching how the inventions all come together but they can also learn about the principles of simple machines.

Engaging children in fun activities is the perfect way to introduce new concepts, so we have created three fun activities for you to try at home, all inspired by Jiwi’s Machines:

  1. Learn more about simple machines and create your own crazy contraption!
  2. Teach your kids about fulcrums and levers whilst creating our mini marshmallow catapult!
  3. Find out about the force of friction whilst experimenting with inclined planes.

Science activities are fantastic opportunities for our children to learn about the world around them, but did you know that they also promote a whole host of other beneficial skills?

  • Experimenting with scientific themes encourages children to be critical thinkers and to question how and why things happen or work. This curiosity is at the core of wanting to be an engaged learner.
  • Science is hands on and experiential which has been proven to be one of the most effective ways for children to apply knowledge and understanding.
  • Carrying out a science activity is also a great way to tie in different subjects. For example, mathematical understanding has an important role to play when children are measuring and recording the results they find.
  • Aside from the technical skills of carrying out scientific enquiry, experimentation encourages children to be persistent. Science and engineering rarely works out the way you would expect it to the first-time round, and so trial and error play a huge part in developing scientific understanding!


Can’t wait to watch Jiwi’s Machines with your kids? Download Azoomee now and get started!

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