It would have been hard to miss the huge number of stories in the press this week surrounding the safety, or otherwise, of kid’s content on the internet. Articles including ‘YouTube accused of ‘violence’ against young children over kids’ content’ and ‘Something is wrong on the internet’ might have had you throwing your tablets onto the bonfire and not without due cause.

The fact remains that algorithms simply can’t catch everything, especially not on platforms that are designed predominantly for advertising and to profit from direct and indirect advertising.

Creating or developing anything for children requires a bottom-up, not top-down approach to do it right. Azoomee is all bottom-up and for us this is the only way. All our content is hand-picked by teachers and parents – we’re powered by humans, not robots.

When our children visit the library they browse the children’s section, when they watch TV they go to the children’s channels, so how do we manage the vastness of the internet? It is a wonderful thing, it really is, how else would we answer the relentless and obscure questions that are thrown at us between mouthfuls of Weetabix at 6:30am? But until our children are old enough to be exposed to the good and the bad of the internet, we have a duty as caregivers and as a society, to make a safe space for them.  What are your choices?

  • Be in the know. Share their screen time, ask what they enjoy and how the games work
  • Implement guided access or ‘app pinning’ for younger children to keep them from accidently browsing around
  • Make an active choice about which apps and websites you allow them to use and explain why
  • Talk, talk, talk. Conversation is everything. The Search It Up online safety series is a great place to get those conversations started about privacy issues, security and cyber-bullying

Azoomee time is so much more than screen time – it’s a way to learn new skills like coding, dance and football, to practice safe online behaviour and stay in touch with family and friends safely.

But above all, it is smart, safe and kind in all it contains, no ads, no algorithms – just great entertainment for kids. Simple.

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