As the summer holidays are coming to an end so too are the Search It Up sessions. It’s been an awesome eight weeks and we’ve covered many different aspects of internet safety, including bullying, viruses, privacy, and more.

In this final episode, T-Rex vs Pirate, we look at whether the things we see, read, and hear online are always true.

When Robbie sends Jack a manipulated photo of a T-Rex in the city, Jack is incredulous at first because it seems ridiculous. But, the more Robbie tells him it’s true (and the picture looks quite real), the more Jack is convinced. He rushes to Gran and Maya who help him understand that the internet is full of information that should not be taken at face value.

Through the online world we are exposed to thousands of times more information every day than most humans a few hundred years ago were in a lifetime. Sifting through it all is challenging enough, but more importantly we have to be (and should be) discerning, critical, and sometimes skeptical about what we consume.

At the most basic level, this is a discussion that can be had periodically with children early on by establishing that the internet is never the final word and encouraging kids to think about sources of information.

Azoomee believes in being proactive and starting conversations early about online safety with your children. This summer Azoomee is running a FREE series of VIDEO and QUIZ learning sessions, aimed at children 5-11. Check out session 8 with your kids now!

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We’d like to thank the following partners for their help sharing the Search It Up sessions: the NSPCC, Kidscape, The Breck Foundation, Barney & Echo, KidtropolisKanoFire Tech CampOnline Them and St John’s Innovation Centre.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these internet safety sessions. If you would like to discuss using Search It Up on your site, for classroom activities or for anything else, please get in touch with us at



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