In this week’s episode of the Search It Up sessions we look at whether being kind online is different to being kind in person.

Jack really enjoys the game Robot Rebuilder, especially when Robbie can play with him online. This time, he and his friend have a disagreement about how the robot should be built and, out of frustration, Jack uncharacteristically decides to destroy what they made together. Robbie leaves the game upset, not quite understanding why his friend would do such a mean thing.

When we communicate and exchange online, it’s sometimes easy to forget that there are actual people on the other end. Between physical detachment and complete anonymity, the online world offers degrees of separation that can inhibit our sense of social awareness and kindness. This episode, ‘Jackattack vs Robotron’, aims to reinforce the message that how we act towards others online should not be all too different from offline.

Azoomee believes in being proactive and starting conversations early about online safety with your children. This summer Azoomee is running a FREE series of VIDEO and QUIZ learning sessions, aimed at children 5-11. Check out session 7 with your kids now!

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