Selfies have become a social epidemic in recent years and we’re all guilty of taking one at some point (yes even you reading this… admit it!). However there is more to selfies than meets the eye. This week in the Search It Up sessions we look at the hidden dangers of selfies.

In this episode, ‘What Does Your Selfie Say’, Maya loves taking selfies and sharing them with friends, but she doesn’t always pay attention to what or how much is being shown in her photos. What she thinks is just a silly picture of herself to send to her friend Gemma actually reveals more than she expected. What if that selfie got into the wrong hands?

Sharing pictures with family and friends is one of the most fun things to do online, but we need to consider what those images really show and where they could possibly end up. Kids are therefore encouraged to be more discerning when sharing personal pictures online, which is something so easy to forget in the excitement of the moment.

Azoomee believes in being proactive and starting conversations early about online safety with your children. This summer Azoomee is running a FREE series of VIDEO and QUIZ learning sessions, aimed at children aged 5-11. Check out session 6 with your kids now!

To see how your school or organisation can get involved with our internet safety sessions email the Azoomee team at

What they’re saying online…


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