In the latest episode of the Search It Up sessions we focus on computer viruses – what are they and how do they occur?

While Jack’s having a sick day at home he receives an email for Gran from Auntie Dol. He gets permission to open it and finds an interesting link asking to be clicked. The result is a computer virus that freezes the tablet. Jack is distraught and confused. Why would Auntie Dol send Gran a virus?

In this episode Jack learns that, although the online world is full of attractive things vying for attention, not everything is honest. To young users, discerning what’s suspicious online can be challenging, so the message is simple: If you’re unsure about something, don’t click it.

Azoomee believes in being proactive about online safety and starting conversations early with your children. Check out session 5 with your kids now (don’t worry this link is definitely safe to click!).

Thanks to the following friends for their helping spreading the word about internet safety:

Kidscape who tirelessly fight to protect young people from bullying and abuse.
The Breck Foundation who raise awareness about how to play safe online.
Barney & Echo
 who run a series of internet safety roadshows.
Kano who let kids make and play with technology in a simple and fun way.

If you want to get involved too you can email us at

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