We are proud to announce that, since starting our internet safety sessions, Search It Up has won an award for Best Animation at UK Monthly Film Festival. Huge thanks to our writer, Dave Ingham, BAFTA-winning production studio, Arthur Cox, and the NSPCC for their continued support.

In this exciting digital era we can easily document, share, collect and distribute media and information with one another like never before. However, the fact that everything is so pervasive and accessible also makes what we exchange more fleeting and permanent. As a result we must practice and encourage the use of good judgement online, especially when discussing digital permanence with children, which can be quite an abstract concept.

In this latest episode of Search It Up, “I Don’t Want Everyone To See My Bum”, Maya records a really funny video of Jack playing basketball and wants to share it online, but Jack is worried about who might see it. Maya tries to convince Jack that it’s not a problem because she can post the video for a little while and delete it later on. Gran happens to overhear and explains that removing things once they’ve been shared online is not quite so simple, which is why posting things requires careful consideration.

Azoomee believes in being proactive and starting conversations about online safety with your children early. This summer Azoomee is running a FREE series of VIDEO and QUIZ learning sessions aimed at children 5-11. Check out session 4 with your kids now!

What they’re saying online… Towie star Lydia Bright:

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