In this latest instalment of the Search It Up sessions we look at bullying, both online and offline.

When Maya finds Jack quite sad after school he explains that he is being regularly picked on by Robbie in the playground. Maya relates by sharing an online bullying story of her own and suggests that it would help to go tell Gran, which they do together.

Bullying has become a major concern for parents and guardians of young digital natives. Facilitated by new mediums of social interaction that have connected people more than ever, the effects of bullying can be devastating and harder to detect unless victims and friends speak up.

This episode and short quiz explain bullying to young children in a simple way and offers straightforward advice for dealing with it.

Worried about your kids’ safety online? This summer Azoomee is running a FREE series of VIDEO and QUIZ learning sessions on internet safety. Check out session 3 with your kids now!

Thanks to our friends from Fire Tech Camp, Online Them and St John’s Innovation Centre  for helping us spread the word about internet safety. If you want to get involved too you can email us at

“Through visual storytelling, Azoomee’s series conveys a heartfelt and empowering message for children to ‘stay smart, stay safe, stay kind’ online.”

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